The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis that has forced governments worldwide to relook their preparedness for medical emergencies and scaled up the diagnosis and prognosis of the virus. India, in the present scenario, where Covid-19 cases are on the rise and given the scarcity of vents that need to reach the masses, Aequs has stepped up to address the acute shortage of respiratory ventilators with the launch of “AQovent™,” an oxygen-driven emergency ventilator that can provide constant-flow, pressure-cycled ventilation automatically to patients in respiratory distress.
AQovent™ is a mechanical resuscitator designed to provide immediate medical support without much hassle. It is a disposable, mobile, easy-to-use, and economical mechanical resuscitator used extensively in the Pre and Post-stage of COVID-19. The product does not require any electricity to function, making it ideal for use in non-electrified locations.
In the current scenario of an economic crunch, these single-use ventilators are a cost-effective solution for India. Aequs has manufactured these vents in India based on the license procured for the concept design from the University of Illinois, U.S.A.

This timely innovation is a non-profit undertaking by Aequs Foundation. It is ideal for deployment in non-electrified locations, in ambulances, as it is portable, and in situations with limited medical facilities. We have committed to deliver these resuscitators to government hospitals, health centers, and NGOs in Tier II & Tier III markets, including Taluka and villages across Karnataka.

The AQovent™ is manufactured at the Aequs SEZ in Belagavi, Karnataka. The collective capabilities and expertise of our Aequs Aerospace and Aequs Consumer divisions have been ably leveraged to accomplish this remarkable feat, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and ensuing lockdown

At Aequs, we stand in solidarity with the government and medical fraternity in the country's fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. AQovent™, one of Aequs' timely innovations, is a low-cost and indigenously developed resuscitator, operates without a power source, and is hassle-free. The design of AQovent™ lends itself to a level of scalability, enabling us to ramp up production to meet the surge in demand

Aravind Melligeri
Chairman & CEO
Aequs Inc.

The launch of the AQovent™ and its potential for impact is inspiring. We are delighted that Aequs can leverage the Illinois RapidVent to aid in the fight against COVID-19

William King
Lead: Rapid Vent & Professor
Grainger College of Engineering,
University of Illinois

We at the Health Care Engineering Center at the Grainger College of Engineering feel privileged to have been catalysts for this wonderful partnership between Aequs and the University of Illinois, that has resulted in AQovent™. We look forward to being witness to the positive effect it is sure to have on many lives.

Prof. Thenkurussi ‘Kesh’ Kesavadas
Director, Health Care Engineering Center &
Professor, Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
University of Illinois

We are thrilled that a design created by a team of engineers at the University of Illinois’ Grainger College of Engineering will be used to help those around the world

Rashid Bashir
Grainger College of Engineering,
University of Illinois