With A Long-Term Vision, It Could Be 'Game, Set & Match' India In Aerospace Manufacturing

March, 2019

Aravind brings relentless focus on creating value to every Aequs endeavor. His long-term, strategic perspective is the driving force behind the company ’stremendous growth. He was recently awarded as the ‘Young Achiever Award’bythe Indo-American Society.

The eyes of the Aerospace and Defense(A&D)manufacturing world are presently on India. Does India have its eye on the ball? The global players are virtually willing India to win. Can we make the most of this tailwind to create a massive new manufacturing base to generate vast amounts of new jobs and wealth? That’s the $100 billion question.

A booming middle class is set to make India the third largest air passenger market by 2025. The aviation sector, with a combination of public and private investments in areas such as new aircrafts and airport infrastructure, is likely to witness $15 billion invested over the next five years. Maintenance, repair and overhauling(MRO spends for civilian aircrafts alone are likely to be in the vicinity of $1.5 billion in the next couple of years. And for airlines, MRO is the second largest expense head after fuel. In the defense sector, India’s increasing geo strategic stature and ambition already make it one of the world’s largest buyers with a budget of $50 billion.a


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