Take a passage to India, Aequs tells industry

17 July, 2018:

Paul Eremenko, the newly appointed chief technology offi cer of United Technologies, is already making his mark on the company, having made the revelation that the company is working on a hybrid-electric demonstrator programme, as well as launching a new rapid prototyping and development unit.

Eremenko, speaking at Farnborough yesterday, said the company is developing a number of hybrid-electric flight demonstrators, as the company looks ahead to future propulsion systems.

However, he says it will be a “couple more months” before it is ready to reveal details on the experimental aircraft.

In addition, the new unit – called UTC Advanced Projects – will be a “Skunk Works-type” outfi t, and will operate in a “fast-paced, risk-tolerant environment at the heart of UTC”, behaving more like a start-up than a traditional aerospace company.


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