Our objective is to become one of the leading global players

November, 2016

Aravind Melligeri, CEO & Chairman of Aequs, in conversation with Geopolitics, talks about Aequs’ various projects and collaboration with domestic and foreign players

How has Aequs transformed itself over the years from a humble beginning to a trusted partner with world's leading Aerospace giants?

Aequs SEZ at Belagavi, which took off way back in 2009 has successfully built the well-endowed domestic capability in aerospace manufacturing through JVs and acquisitions of the aerospace majors across the world. Aequs followed the local global approach where in the locally available Indian skill and manufacturing capability were fused to the stateof-the-art technologies being made available by global aerospace players through partnerships or acquisitions. Through these steps, Aequs has been able to transform itself and carry out highest manufacturing value addition in India by manufacturing some of the major components for the Aircrafts & Aero Engines.

Today it proudly showcases the proven track record in the areas of precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, assembly, closed die forging and special processing for worldwide customers including OEM’s. Aequs houses these interrelated capabilities that were either unavailable in India or were difficult to be at one location, thus, making India one of the preferred sourcing and manufacturing destination in the global aerospace arena.


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