An ecosystem state of mind: How Aequs mitigates risks for its global clientele

17 July, 2018

The world in recent decades has witnessed a growing inter-dependence among countries and across borders. This interde-pendency manifests itself through the increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods and services, international capital and also through the rapid and wide-spread use of technology. This kind of globalization has touched every industry and sector imaginable,and aerospace manufacturing is no exception.

Challenges of globalization

However, the path to globaliz-ing the aerospace supply chain is fraught with challenges. Any entrant in the aerospace manufac-turing industry faces a number of challenges due to the nature of the sector. The requirement of high tech-nical prowess is just one of them.

The industry is capital intensive and it is further characterized by a long project life cycle which includes research and development (R&D),engineering, designing, manufac-turing and assembly along with maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). Added to this, aerospace manufacturing demands the high-est safety certifications as even the slightest shortcoming in the prod-ucts can prove to be fatal. These high requirements of the market often act as entry barriers to new entrants in the sector.


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