Aerospace Manufacturing In India: A Coming Of Age

January 2,  2018

The aerospace and defence manufacturing abilities of a nation are often considered a yardstick to evaluate its industrial and technological prowess.  The reason for this is that a high level of scientific and engineering expertise, years of research and development and hefty resources are required to manufacture aircrafts and their components. Unlike components in, say, automotive manufacturing, those in aerospace and defence manufacturing need to conform to the highest standards of quality as there is no room for error. In light of this, we need to ask ourselves, how is India faring?

The year 2017 has been an eventful one for India’s aerospace and defence sector. The sector witnessed significant activity both in terms of policy implementation and deals between global and national players. However, there is a long way to go before India can deem itself at par with other nations.

It would be a drawn-out task to list each and every recent development in the sector as there have been quite a few. However, we can limit ourselves to three significant themes which will have a major impact on India’s aerospace and defence manufacturing capabilities. The first among these is the defence offset policy and the issues surrounding it.  The second is the role of governments, both at the union and state levels, towards nurturing India’s nascent aerospace manufacturing sector. The third is the relatively slower advent of India’s commercial aerospace manufacturing sector.

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