Workforce of the Future for Indian Aerospace Manufacturing

October 26,  2017

Indian aerospace manufacturing has witnessed significant transformation, with the country emerging as a prominent contender in global aerospace arena. India’s aerospace manufacturing sector is poised to make rapid strides going ahead as future industry prospects have never been brighter. In this era of unprecedented change, innovation and technology are promising to dramatically transform the world. It’s imperative for India’s aerospace workforce to incorporate radical thinking, new technology and efficient manufacturing processes.

The employees must look forward to becoming more innovative and adopt to fast changing technology environment. The educational and training institutions have greatly contributed to development of aerospace manufacturing, while making future workforce equipped for the evolving industry. The dedicated aerospace knowledge centers are immensely facilitating apprentices to learn, absorb, interact and innovate.

It’s critical for aerospace workforce to constantly evolve and embrace best practices, as new trends are reshaping traditional methods of functioning. A digital workplace has become the foundation of aerospace industry with revolutionary changes such as the advancement in robotics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) to name a few. There’s growing demand for innovative approaches and streamlined processes in the aerospace manufacturing. Hence, placing people and innovation first, the industry can ensure that no matter what turbulence disrupts the industry, it will have competent resources to fly through any circumstances, and reach calmer, clearer and favorable skies.