Straight and left ahead! Transporting the Forging Press from Mumbai to Belgaum: Part 2

August 27,  2014

Trees and street lamps were the next biggest concern and you leave it all on the driver’s expertise. If you take a motorway you need to be very careful as you are the biggest thing on the road with other cats (cars) and lions (other trucks) zipping at high speed.. Even the thought of a puncture at this stage is chilling!!

If you miss one exit then you may have to ride back 50km to return to the same exit. Transporting huge machines like this is a small part of your world tour. You have to take care of the planning, logistics, communications, paper work and other such permits. Once you are off on roads there is little your peers can do to help you. Trust me then you never think of checking your mails or facebook messages.

From the outside it doesn’t look so complicated and is just another heavy cargo moving on the road but in reality, it’s a lot of professional work. Thanks to our JV partner French engineers along with Squad engineers who did the complete road survey for us identifying limitations of each bridge, turn radius of curvy roads, slope of hilly area (especially the ghat Section). Can you imagine all of these factors were considered even before signing up the purchase order of the forging press.

We were moving at a constant pace until a very narrow bridge appeared in front of us. Somewhere inside the feeling started bulging that THIS IS DONE. We spoke to the regional authorities and to our expectations they didn’t approve our pass-by, the bridge was too small to take the load of the massive forging press and the monster sized truck. Was the time for a quick rework and rethinking the route, we took out the maps and figured out that we will have to go back 70 Kms to take the alternate route. CHILLS!! JUST A THOUGHT!!

We often trawl on facebook, blogs call it our thirst for adventure. But when you get to experience it is something that makes the difference. Mumbai to Belgaum is around 550 kms by road but it took almost 9 days to complete the transportation phase of all vehicles. A bit obvious as you drive very slow not to take chances with such a mammoth thing on your back.

“The new 10,000 ton forging press, which is expected to enter production by September 2014, can forge Aluminum, Steel & Titanium parts up to 400 kg and is under installation and testing currently”

The story doesn’t end here stay tuned to know more…

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