Reflecting on 2014, Looking Forward to 2015

January 5,  2015

What has been the biggest highlight in 2014 for the Indian manufacturing industry?

Prime Minister Modi’s “Make in India” campaign to promote indigenous manufacturing in aerospace industry and multiple other industries has been the biggest highlight, because this campaign has quickly produced tangible and decisive action in the form of policy and diplomacy to develop, enable and promote Indian aerospace manufacturers in both the public and private sectors. One specific example is the raising of the foreign direct investment (FDI) ceiling from 26 to 49% in the aerospace defence sector. This policy change enables greater participation by foreign aerospace manufacturers to partner with Indian manufacturers and thus promotes valuable technology transfer to the latter.

What have been the most important milestones for Aequs in 2014? Rebranding of Aequs QuEST Global Manufacturing started in 2006 as part of QuEST Global, primarily an engineering services firm, to focus on manufacturing opportunities. As the aerospace manufacturing business and the related Special Economic Zone (SEZ) business grew, it became clear that manufacturing had a culture that was distinct from that of engineering services. In 2014, QuEST Global Manufacturing rebranded as Aequs to recognize this distinction.

Aequs is derived from’ aequus’, Latin for ‘equal’. It reflects the company’s approach of collaborating with all stakeholders — employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and community — to create efficient global ecosystems. For example, the Aequs manufacturing facilities in Belgaum, Karnataka are co-located with other companies in the supply chain to minimize logistics and supply chain inefficiencies.

Installation of 10,000 Ton Hydraulic Press

SQuAD Forging India Pvt Ltd, a tripartite joint venture between Aequs, and Aubert & Duval, specializes in aerospace forging and supplies parts to several global aerospace customers. Earlier this year, SQuAD Forging installed a 10,000 ton capacity aerospace hydraulic forging press at its manufacturing facility in the Aequs SEZ at Belgaum, India. This closed die hydraulically operated hot forging press is the largest of its kind in India and will be used to forge large airplane components and parts such as landing gears and various actuation and structural parts up to 400 kg. Until now, aerospace customers have had to source such parts from Europe and USA since no Indian company possessed this capability.

First Aerostructure Delivery to Saab for Airbus 380

Aerostructures Assemblies India Pvt Ltd (AAI), a joint venture between Aequs and Saab, delivered its first batch of aircraft structural assemblies to Saab in 2014 for use in the Airbus A380 program. The first batch of assemblies was successfully delivered within just four months of inauguration of the greenfield facility.

Aerostructures Assemblies India (AAI) Achieves AS9100C Certification

In 2014, Aerostructures Assemblies India Pvt Ltd (AAI) achieved AS9100C certification for its manufacturing facility located in the Aequs SEZ, Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Achieving this international Aircraft, Space and Defence (AS&D) industry standard signified that AAI’s manufacturing of aerostructure assemblies and sub-assemblies met stringent quality management standards.

Aequs Oil & Gas Achieves API Q1 Certification

Aequs Oil & Gas in 2014 earned for its manufacturing facility in India certification in the American Petroleum Institute (API) Specification Q1 standards, which specify rigorous quality anagement requirements for manufacturers serving the petroleum and natural gas industry. In achieving API Specification Q1 certification, Aequs Oil & Gas demonstrated its commitment to providing world-class quality, delivery and value to its customers. Aequs Oil & Gas is now pursuing API Q1 certification for its manufacturing facility in Houston, TX where the same Aequs Oil & Gas Quality Management System has already been implemented.

Airbus Approval for TSA Line Tartaric Sulphuric Acid

Aerospace Processing India (API), a joint venture (JV) of Aequs and Magellan Aerospace is India’s first company to have Tartaric Sulphuric Acid (TSA) anodizing line approved by Airbus.The new TSA process is a newly developed technology to replace the more hazardous traditional Chromic Acid anodizing.

What are your expectations from 2015?

We are optimistic about growing all three of Aequs’ business units – aerospace, automotive and oil & gas. Our optimism is based on strong customer demand propelled by the rise of the middle class domestically and globally, continued cost advantage of our SEZ model, customer satisfaction, and the pro-business and pro-manufacturing stance of Prime Minister Modi’s administration. We are committed to enhancing of our manufacturing capabilities, forging stronger relationships with customers and suppliers, developing skills in our employee skills, and improving our quality systems – actions to increase our ability to provide world-class quality, delivery and value for our customers. We will expand our aerospace presence outside India as we follow our path toward serving our customers as an agile global supplier. In our automotive business unit, we will launch integrated forging and machining manufacturing. Finally, we will expand our oil and gas manufacturing to support the assembly of electro-mechanical products.We look forward to another year of innovation and growth for Aequs in 2015.