P.A.C.E. – The Strategic Speed

For a company that’s embarking upon a growth phase, it’s imperative that the strategy works out effectively. The leadership team should always look for striking a balance between the speed of planning and execution. It’s vital to understand that leaders, who have built the business at a certain speed, would never like to compromise on the momentum.

The three important ingredients which lie between the strategy and execution is - Speed of Execution, Perfection in Execution and Champions of Execution. The speed of execution is most important to catch up with the vision of the creator and to keep the momentum of growth. It’s also important to cut through the competition and become indomitable, hence perfection is uncompromised in our industry. There exist people who “don’t hesitate” and have “just do it” attitude. They are known as true “champions of execution.” By adopting these three ingredients, an organization can achieve steady growth.

For instance, as an emerging leader in disruptive technologies and innovative processes, Aequs has shown a keen interest in leadership development of its people through P.A.C.E. – Performance Augmented and Coherent Execution – to ensure growth and competitive excellence. We aim to groom leaders with demonstrated capabilities and traits that include

  • Clarity of understanding current situation and future path direction
  • Unity through collective effort for accomplishing the organisation’s goals
  • Agility by showing willingness to turn and adapt quickly while keeping strategic goals in mind.

An organisation could achieve strategic speed by focusing on its people, while mobilising people appropriately would accelerate execution. It is imperative that cross-functional teams from various departments enthusiastically work together, assume responsibility and accountability, then execute flawlessly. This is where the management’s involvement comes to the fore.

When the leadership team effectively communicates organizational goals and lays down a clear and transparent roadmap for the employees, it nurtures an inclusive work culture with streamlined processes, where each individual is well aware of the path ahead.