Moving India up the Aerospace Value Chain

December 22,  2017

The presence of Indian private sector in global aerospace manufacturing is limited to the domain of Tier 2 or Tier 3 manufacturing and engineering services. In order to eventually move up the value chain, the government and the players in the private sector will have to collaborate to make strategic investments in cutting-edge technologies such as advanced materials, stealth technologies, avionics, sensors, cyber security etc.

Another effective way of moving up the capability development index is to be part of joint global programs for the development of aerospace equipment. India ought to get its most talented minds to work with global OEMs to develop technology jointly that helps both parties. The BrahMos program is a shining example. ISRO, which suffered global sanctions after Pokharan-II nuclear tests, is now routinely launching satellites from US, EU, Japan, Singapore etc. The joint programs should be extended to the private sector too and not only be restricted to only DRDO and DPSUs.