Belagavi Smart City in the country, having an airport but no flights operating?

Belagavi is the oldest city in Karnataka with a rich history and culture. It is the 4th largest city in the state and the fastest growing urban center. Belagavi is also a business hub and education center of Karnataka and was also shortlisted one of the smart cities by Ministry of Urban Development. UDAN scheme is a regional airport development and “Regional connectivity scheme” of Government of India. This endeavor to make regional connectivity easy has the potential to become a threat for people of Belagavi. Belagavi was an operational airport and hence couldn’t be brought under the UDAN scheme

Due to the benefits of the UDAN scheme to Low-cost carriers, SpiceJet has planned to divert all its 5 flights from Belagavi to Hubballi from May 14,2018 leaving the Sambra airport unserved. This is surprising considering that all IXG flights (in-out of Belagavi) had the highest load factor (more than 90%) in past one year? This question is unanswered and needs attention. This single change has the potential to affect all the business traffic to Belagavi hampering critical development opportunities. I urge all citizens and my business colleagues to voice our collective concerns and help avert this fiasco. Please raise your voices and force action to avert a disaster.

Belagavi airport stats