AQovent™ - Concept to Reality

The product was inspired by a licensed resuscitator design sourced from the University of Illinois, USA.

It was then modified to suit Indian conditions and scenarios. While designing, the cross – functional team reviewed and analyzed the concept and converted the resuscitator requirement to achieve the design parameters.

Tool Building
The moulds are designed by team of experts from a drawing board to a 3D model by using latest technological softwares. The challenge was to assemble the required resources during this challenging COVID-19 to meet the ambitious timeline for Tool building.

The moulds are machined using CNC codes to achieve required desired accuracy in manufacturing with our 3 Axis and 5 Axis machines at our facility.

The moulds are designed and manufactured for easy mouldability as well as fit, form, and function.

All the components are moulded in-house with medical grade materials and the processes are confined to medical standard ISO: 13485.

The moulding is done in a sophisticated high accuracy automatic machine with control environment.

Product Reality
The mechanical resuscitator consists of 3 main components:
- Patient Connector Tee to route the airflow to the patient
- Inline Manometer to display the reading for the device
- Modulator that contains a moving Diaphragm that acts to cycle air of breathing

The Patient Tee, Manometer and modulator are assembled and fit together via taper fittings for easy assembly and handling.

The AQovent™ has passed all the production qualification requirements

The Mechanical Ventilators are tested at every stage of assembly for Air leakage to avoid any loss of Oxygen from the Device when the ventilator is in operation

100% internal testing done at Test rig for prescribed cycles as per ISO:10651-5:2006 and monitored for flow rate with data logging with tracking to product Sl No and date of manufacture

Aesthetics are tested and validated to meet the ISO:10651-5:2006

The product has been through many trials as part of pre-clinical and clinical trials. 

The AQovent™ has been tested, vetted by the medical community, and marked safe for use in the fight against COVID-19.

The functional testing was performed under several conditions to access the engineering performance in numerous cycles.

- Endurance Test on the product for functionality with oil free compressed air was conducted continuously for 5 1/2 days, and corresponding data was logged to monitor and review performance 
- Performance characterization through TEST LUNG has been conducted for all parameters and all modes using a data analyzer and was further verified by NABL approved Lab experts.

The product is calibrated by NABL approved lab experts and also tested for biocompatibility.