AQovent™ explained

The AQovent™ is an Oxygen Gas-powered resuscitator, which provides pressure limited, flow-controlled emergency ventilatory support for both breathing and non-breathing patients, while being monitored by a clinical or trained operator.

It provides constant flow, pressure cycled ventilatory support in both pressure control or pressure support modes, and can be used on patients weighing 10kgs or more.

It is a single patient, multiple-use device.

It helps to regulate breathing, by controlling the peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP).

The working mechanism of AQovent™ consists of a moving diaphragm which adds or reduces spring force when it is moved from a horizontal to a vertical position.

AQovent™ runs on a continuous fixed flow rate of gas (inspiratory flow) when connected to oxygen Source (Cylinder / centralized system)

Cycles the air pressure and flow to the patient between the inspiratory and exhalation times. It has two dials.

PIP Dial: 
Allows the adjustment of Peak Inspiratory pressure (PIP) while intrinsically adjusting the inspiratory time and Positive Exhalation End Pressure (PEEP) which is approximately 1/5 of PIP

Rate Dial:
Adjust the total Respiratory rate by adjusting the exhalation time.

Measure pressure (PIP and PEEP) during the breathing cycle

FiO2 100% O2 attachment: 
Increase concentration of oxygen (100% O2) without control attachment adjusting the ratio of entrained air to provided 50% O2 . FiO2 connects to Oxygen supply in hospitals.

Patient Connection:
It is a tapered connection from 22mm outside diameter barbed fitting and tapered to 15 mm diameter.

Pop-off Valve: 
Safety device to prevent over pressurization

On-way Valve:
Safety device to provide additional flow rate needed upon patient spontaneous inhalation