Aequs Foundation


Aequs Foundation aims at inspiring and educating children in Safety, Health & Hygiene, and Education (including STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through various community and regional initiatives that bring measurable and sustainable changes to society and improve quality of life.


The CSR initiatives are primarily focused on school-going children, contributing to our nation’s bright future. The formative years of 5 to 10 are crucial for every child, as they have a direct impact on how the child develops learning skills, along with social and emotional abilities. Accordingly, all programs under the Aequs Foundation are designed with these focused objectives and structures in mind.


Our approach:

  1. A Project-based Approach - It aligns the project objectives with the strategic goals by taking a result-oriented approach and adequate monitoring process to maximize benefits to the community.
  2. Harmony of Projects –All projects are synchronized with each other to amplify impact. For instance, construction of toilet blocks is interlinked to the Health and Hygiene program through the setting up of various health camps.
  3. Long-term Sustainability – The long-term visibility of all Foundation projects ensures a sustainable impact and drives fundamental change amongst the beneficiaries. We firmly believe our initiatives are crafted to support good causes that impact the society and improve quality of life — establishing a true legacy for Aequs.


To bring about positive changes in our society that are measurable and sustainable


Inspiring and educating students in Safety, Sanitation, and STEM education in the neighboring community of Aequs