Aequs Foundation


An organisation’s success depends on its people, and people are at their best when their most basic of community needs are addressed. At Aequs, we have made it our mission to ensure the health and welfare of the communities in which we operate by establishing Aequs Foundation.

Aequs Foundation aims at inspiring and educating children in Safety, Health & Hygiene and Education (including STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through various community and regional initiatives that bring measurable and sustainable changes to society and improve quality of life. Many of the CSR initiatives are focused on school age children where even small improvements can have a profound effect on their view of the world, which helps contribute to a bright future for our nation. The formative years of 5 to 10 are crucial for every child as they have a direct impact on how the child develops learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities. Accordingly, Aequs Foundation has designed its program and project portfolio with these focused objectives and structure in mind. Currently, Aequs Foundation is associated with 20 government schools near our SEZ in Belagavi.

While designing and adopting any project, the Foundation incorporates three key elements:

  1. A Project-based Approach – This aligns project objectives with our strategic goals by establishing specific, time-phased milestones. By taking a results-oriented approach and properly monitoring the project progress, we ensure that our time and our money are used effectively to the maximum benefit to the community.
  2. Harmony of Projects – We ensure that individual projects, such as development of government schools, are fully synchronized with other projects, thus having an amplified impact. For instance, in addition to the construction of toilet blocks, the Foundation is undertaking a health and hygiene education program by setting up various health camps to achieve behavioral change towards daily health and hygiene practices. This interconnection of projects generates a multiplicative effect as compared to what the individual projects might have had on the beneficiaries.
  3. Long Term Sustainability – Foundation projects must be sustainable and drive fundamental change over the long term. We are not looking for “quick fixes” that last only a few years. We want to achieve societal benefits that outlive all of us, benefits that establish a truly rewarding legacy for Aequs.


Inspiring and Educating students in Safety, Sanitation and STEM education at neighbouring communities


Able to bring measurable and sustainable Positive Changes to the society.