Logistics to apps, budget has something for all

February 17, 2018

The Chief Minister has, in the budget, laid out a comprehensive report of his government’s achievements and aspirations. While there has been a strong emphasis on agrarian programs, the initiatives taken with regard to social welfare, education and skill upgradation are commendable too. 

An allocation of over Rs. 26,000 crore on education indicates government is driven to equip and empower the coming generation. The decision to develop digital libraries in district, city, and taluk libraries is poised to benefit lakhs of students in government-run institutions. There is a clear shift towards digital learning. The efforts of the government at reducing the gender gap is laudable. The move to provide free education to girls studying in pre-university course, undergraduate, & postgraduate courses in government-run institutions will go a long way in creating a more equal and just Karnataka.

Another area in which the budget indicates progressive thinking is transport and logistics. The creation of two multi-modal logistic parks is a welcome move. The proposal to set up two logistic parks- one in close proximity to Bengaluru and another one at Hubballi will significantly improve the aggregation and distribution of freight and cargo in the state. The announcement that   2,722 km of State Highways will be constructed under KSHDP-IV is another step that holds promise for industry in the state. The government’s promise to draft a new logistics policy will ensure seamless movement of goods from producers to consumers.

However, it is to be noted that the budgetary allocation for labour and skill development has reduced by 25% with a total outlay of Rs. 1,335 crore. In light of manufacturing jobs shifting from other markets, such as China, to India, there could be more emphasis given on this front.

The government’s commitment to digitization is noteworthy. New apps are in the pipeline which will empower citizens and reduce their dependency on bureaucracy. The idea to create apps for helping citizens access the services of government departments is novel and much required. Adoption of new and disruptive technologies is imperative in today’s world and the government is leading the way in using technology to solve public problems. The announcement to set up waste-to-energy plants is just one of the instances of this remarkable trend in the budget.

To conclude, this budget is one which will benefit stakeholders across the spectrum in Karnataka.

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