Straight and left ahead! Transporting the Forging Press from Mumbai to Belgaum: Part1

August 19,  2014

SQuAD Forging announces the arrival of its 10,000 ton capacity aerospace hydraulic forging press at its manufacturing facility in Aequs SEZ (special economic zone) at Belgaum. Oh! that was great news to the media and obviously it gained a lot of hype but you can’t even imagine how fun it was in real or how tough on some days to get the thing moving, mixed with some people gazing at you with wide open eyes and some of the new gen tech savvies clicking pictures while you halt for food or refreshments. You don’t get to see such huge machines on the move and so the curiosity.

Yes, we are proud to be Indian but at times when you are speaking about transporting a giant machine like this is when we realize that the country’s infra has grown fast. Thanks to GOLDEN QUADRILATERAL lane which made the transportation of the machines much simpler.

The challenging day began with organizing priorities for the 23 trailers, a huge number indeed!! It took nearly eight hours to get the machines and its components properly placed on the cargo trucks. We checked for map, noting down major points and halts. Each and every Bridge, crossings were marked and studied before and we are glad that our road survey before even shipping the cargo helped us to organize it better. It needs a lot of planning when you are dealing with the transportation of such huge machinery.

Once the major trailors (One with 130 tonnes, second with 125 tonnes, third with 90 tonnes and so on…) were loaded, it was great relief for us as it took almost full day when all the trucks came out of the Mumbai Dock Yard by late mid night.magine these heavy cargos have to pass through many Mumbai streets!!

The biggest limitation that lied ahead of us at this time was that the cargo can be moved only at night. Primarily because of two reasons, First: due to heavy load and the hot sun in daytime would lead to increased levels of friction and can cause the tires to burst. Second: as in multiple places entry of heavy load shipment trailors are permitted only at the night and so did we. By early morning all major cargos reached main Mumbai highway and it took nearly 6 hrs to reach the highway covering only 60 Kms!!!

We reached our first halt where we stopped for breakfast and also to break the continuity and to give our muscles a bit of relaxation. The motel we stopped didn’t have enough space to park such monster sized trailors and we found a place few kilometers away from there, soon continuing our journey further. Really not an easy day as the title captures ‘Straight and left ahead’….

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