AEQUS - Improving Performance

July 17, 2017

Aequs Aero Machine, formerly known as T&K Machine is located in Paris, Texas and was acquired by Aequs in 2015 and renamed to Aequs Aero Machine. Aequs Aero Machine is a machining company that specializes in 3, 4 and 5-Axis detail components, plus some assembly work.

I was assigned Aequs in 2015 and deployed the Supplier Playbook in April 2015. Initially, during the playbook deployment visits, it was apparent that Aequs was going through a transition to the new acquisition. The leadership was very open and excited to be a part of the Playbook and agreed to participate in the playbook activities. I explained the SIP and intent of the tools and we began building our working relationship.

The baseline score for Aequs was fluctuating between underperforming and progressing. We had months of sporadic quality issues and delivery challenges. A typical monthly score was 5564 PPM, 89.5 % OTD and 10 Escapes. It was apparent to the team that they were not performing and they agreed to start working together to improve their performance.

In May 2015, a SHA and a PRS was launched which started the diagnostic process. With the use of these tools we began creating a gap closure plan and started holding weekly WebEx calls with monthly site visits to follow up and review progress in person.

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