Sheet Metal

  • We manufacture Aerospace parts using our Sheet Metal capabilities.
  • In our facilities in India we produce parts for Aero structures and Aircraft interiors. These parts are mainly manufactured with bending and routing operations.
  • We have in-house tooling capability to design and manufacture tooling for manufacture of complex sheet metal parts. These sheet metal parts are surface treated and then fully assembled with fasteners, bushing etc, to produce parts which can be directly fitted onto the aircraft.
  • Our Aircraft Air Ducts are generally made of sheet metal and are designed to withstand high pressure and temperatures from -65 degrees to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Welded Assemblies

  • We produce highly complex welded assemblies for aircraft engines which include various components for jet engines including intakes and diffuser casings.
  • Components are machined on our large CNC multifunction (turn mill ) machines and then welded together by our team of highly skilled technicians.
  • We have the internal capability to design very complex fixtures for the manufacture of complex jet engine housings.
  • Our assembly capabilities are qualified by customers such as Safran, Honeywell, Eaton and UTAS.

Rigid Pipes (Pipe bending)

  • Our Rigid Pipes are used extensively in many aircraft fluid systems to transfer oil, fuel or air throughout the airframe and engines.
  • The Pipes are manufactured using Stainless Steel, Titanium and High-temperature Alloys and are capable of withstanding extreme high temperatures and pressure.
  • Our team of highly competent technicians are able to obtain complex pipe bends with a smooth bend without flattening or wrinkles.